ksTools 0.45 – Multiple precision integers

ksTools 0.45 introduce TksInteger type implementing multiple precision integer arithmetics.
I know several implementations of multiple precision integers in Delphi/Pascal, TksInteger is yet another one. The main reasons to write my own implementation are:
1) I wanted to implement the integer division algorithm as described by Knuth (third edition, Volume 2 / Seminumerical algorithms, 4.3.1, page 273);
2) I wanted “optimization-friendly” implementation.
The current implementation containes no optimization, only “pure pascal” code. Instead, ksTools 0.45 containes unit tests for TksInteger methods as a base for future assembly optimizations.
As usual, the latest ksTools version can be downloaded from the project homepage : http://code.google.com/p/kstools


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