The Emperor’s New Clothes

I had a very disappointing discussion with Embarcadero employees on EDN forums recently on the subject already covered in CR blog or Deltics blog. I have no desire to give a link to the EDN thread – the thread is locked now, it does not bring honour to its participants. Instead I give a link to wikipedia article about the story by Hans Christian Andersen. Borland/Embarcadero weavers always pretended and continue to pretend that they see something invisible to those unfit for their positions or incompetent. The result is inevitable – when the Emperor parades before his subjects in his new clothes someone cries out the truth, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”.


11 thoughts on “The Emperor’s New Clothes

  1. Well they seen to me to be determined to make things look as Bad from a Customer Relations Point of view as they can.

    Someone on the thread containing the discussion referred to by Serg got so annoyed with the official responses they firstly asked to be removed from forums and deleted all their posts. Then I assume due to the continuing tone and attitude of subsequent official responses apparently asked how to be removed from EDN completely.

    A more customer friendly and polite staff member then urged them not to do this and warned of results of doing it. It then appears sometime not long after this person/s unknown decided to Ban them till 31st July !

    Its only obvious as another Forum member asks why the person was banned until 31st as I assume they are in contact somehow privately. I am sure that really helped matters ?!

    To be fair there is a post subsequently saying the Ban should never have been done and saying they made sure it was lifted immediately. That all been said had someone not posted there pointing it out publically I wonder would anything have been done about it ?

  2. Don’t you think that a private company is allowed to delete things off their site that are inevitably leading to flame wars, time and time again?


  3. Allowed yes. But there are manners also. They incurred in two disastrous PR occurences in a few days. BorCodeDero always had a soviet-like attitude, and it reached a peak now. It has so many issues that disgruntling paying customers should be the last thing to come across their mind. With a new product arriving, they should have not cast shadows on the company. Issues should have been handled properly. But some old guys there look to be totally unable to run the Delphi business in 2010. IMHO there are more people to “let go”, even if they’ve been there in the past thirty years. Delphi requires new and better people, although they should be very bold to handle this hot iron bar. It is pretty clear that Delphi troubles were not only in upper management. Delphi developers should learn to look behind smiles and awful shirts.

  4. Sounds either like you have a lot of internal knowledge about the matter that you are keeping quiet about, or that you are speculating about something you know nothing about. Which is it then?


  5. Allowed yes of course. But as LDS says there are Customer Relations/Manners to consider too. I totally agree with you LDS in your assesment.

  6. >Don’t you think that a private company is allowed to delete things off their site that are inevitably leading to flame wars, time and time again?

    * If they had socially more competent admins and if they would treat their users more honestly there wouldn’t be flame wars time and time again.

    * Deleting (censoring) unwanted posts is just wrong.

    * Banning Simon (CrossKylix) after 6 long years is idiotic (and more so, as he provided valuable solutions for Embarcadero _customers_)

    I stop(ped) reading their newsgroup because I do no longer trust them. And it’s unlikely that I will renew my SA next year. Embarcadero should fire some more people, imo.

  7. I’m really sad. Not only are they unable to deliver what they are promision (for years) x64, cross-plat… Now they are playing steve jobs as well… that’s a bummer 😦

  8. “I’m really sad. Not only are they unable to deliver what they are promision (for years) x64, cross-plat… ”
    Sad indeed.

    “Now they are playing steve jobs as well… that’s a bummer”
    The difference is that Steve delivers much more than even imagined. Borcadero delivers less than promised.

    I really start seeing the gap Nick’s left. MikeR looks like a salesman-guy to me. And we all love tech-guys, do we.

    Is it so hard to make a Delphi bindings for QT 4.6? I guess not being able to imagine that they already have done it in the past for QT 2.0.

    And the explanations that roadmap are hard thing to agree on is just silly. We all know how badly we need x64 and MacOS support.

    We all know how useless SVN integration is.
    We all know that Modeling, Metrics, etc sucks. Most of us simply do not use it or “switch the .NET crap” off.
    We don’t need IDE plugins, we need 2010 compiler.

    It is high time to have a stable modern cross-OS, cross-architecture compiler. That is what we need!

  9. Haha ! “Borcadero” … is that not something of a “bugger up” .. Oh dear!
    Yeah .. so often the talent has already left, then only the chaff is bought up.

    It is a misnommer to believe that Embarcadero need ALL the old staff to carry the company into the future!
    Fact is, just the fact that they now own the IP and the “Delphi Pascal” name, provides the opportunity to recruit enormous talent into the new company.

    They are many developers out there who can indeed lead excellently into the future!

    And of course .. stuffing Delphi with all those “plug-ins” and tools, is not creating more value .. Haha !! who do they think they are fooling?

    We need simplicity, something that flies like a bullet, and works like a train. The neater and more elegant the language, the less tools we will be needing to debug and sort out the mess!

  10. Having said that, I am tremendously pleased with Delphi XE as well as all the very fine components from 3rd Party Suppliers which are working extremely well. The Cross platform 64-bit Compiler is most welcome.

    Nice Embarcadero!

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