Nice feature of Lazarus IDE

Lazarus treats include files (*.inc) as a part of a project. That means you should not bother where you store include files in a project – just


is enough.

Not so in Delphi (Delphi XE to be exact). You can add *.inc file to a Delphi project, but it does not matter for Delphi, you still need to write paths to include files like that

{$I ..\..\Source\Common\}

and sure the paths are different for units in different project folders.

4 thoughts on “Nice feature of Lazarus IDE

    • Thanks. Lazarus prompted me to add project folders to the project search path when I was porting my Delphi codebase to FPC and it was very convenient. Delphi does not do it, and I really forgot about using the project search path option for project files.

  1. What I like also in Lazarus is that both compiler and IDE do like .inc files, whereas Delphi stucks at handling them.
    It is for instance almost impossible to debug an application in Delphi, if you have some methods in include files. Internal IDE background compilers just fails to compile and process them, whereas FPC/Lazarus just handle them like a breaze.

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