Congratulations to Marco Cantu

As everyone else I wish only the best to Marco Cantu in his new appointment. November 2012 is the date Marco joined Embarcadero as Delphi Product Manager. I wish him luck and success, still I share some skepticism expressed in Delphi blogosphere.

So I want to ask Delphi community:


5 thoughts on “Congratulations to Marco Cantu

  1. For 2013, I mostly foresee an endless list of blog posts about trips to Stockholm, Sidney, Beijing, San Francisco, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, Houston and Brasil.

    Where Barry Kelly (no he was not a product manager) used to blog about his views on having Garbage Collection in Delphi, Marco Cantu mostly blogs about events, meetings, conferences, presentations, trips, and books that he has for sale.

    So, all this is good news for Marco Cantu, but I’m afraid that Delphi will be more directionless than ever.

    • I wouldn’t mind a bit of technical blogging from someone who knows what they are talking about either, but I don’t understand why a ‘project manager’ is an obvious person for doing that. For the same reason I don’t find the actually-existing how-to videos and posts by almost any developer relations person intrinsically interesting, since you know the presenter/author doesn’t really understand what they are talking about. (Not that there’s anything wrong with marketing and employing people to present rather than make or design stuff of course.)

      • Er, and at the risk of being misinterpreted, I obviously don’t see Marco’s technical knowledge as akin to that of ‘almost any developer relations person’! Plainly, his technical writing was (and is) located in his very good books.

  2. Could it be that the position “Product Manager” is just a first position for Marco? How long will DavidI continue his “mission”? As I have known Marco, his an excellent tecnician and parts of Delphi XE 2 have been built by Italian guys. I guess Marco has to do something with this. So why not act “today” planning for “tomorrow”?

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