TForge 0.75

TForge 0.75 is released.

Starting from ver. 0.75 TForge consists of a single package; that means simplified installation.

Among other features:

  • cryptographically secure pseudo-random generator TRandom
  • a lot of minor improvements on BigInteger

4 thoughts on “TForge 0.75

    • I don’t want forks. If you find a bug or have a feature request let me know, don’t fork the project. Do you know a standard licence like that?

      • I don’t know of license that prevents forks. A no forks license would be problematic if the project maintainer stops having interest in it. Then it dies with nobody else having the ability to pick it up. Also not sure what the difference would be between a copy and a fork. Having said that good code like yours typically does not have to worry about forks, because it’s easier to work with the original developer(s) that start something new.

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