Monica Cellio drama


Disclaimer: I don’t care about StackOverflow or StackExchange sites. I can use them for asking or answering questions, but I have no respect for the sites; if some day they disappear, I would not regret.

I quite understand now how this crowdsourcing business works. They created an attractive platform for users to ask questions and to answer questions, without paying a cent to both askers and answerers. Ok, no offence, this is just business. But at least people expect some respect for what they are doing for SO and SE money makers. Question askers expect some respect for their questions; question answerers expect some respect for solving problems of question askers, and moderators expect some respect for what they do to support the platform. No money, just respect; but nobody who works for SO/SE business for free is granted respect.

The Monica Cellio drama has shown that even diamond moderators have no respect from whose who work for money; SO and SE business use it’s users like a toilet paper; and if they think it is profitable to blame a user for what he/she did not do, they will blame. No personal, just business.